3 Unexpected Gifts for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, there can sometimes loom a pressure to show your love for someone else.  Whether its the pressure to find the right gift for your significant other – or the pressure to just find a date – it can be a stressful day!   But what about turing the tables and making it a priority to show some love to your own self?  Here are three ways to get started.  Why not…

loveyourself1) Commit today to give yourself 10 minutes every day this week of quality time.  Don’t let yourself get distracted with tv or facebook, or even books.  Just think of something simple and kind that would make you really happy, and give yourself 10 minutes.  Maybe it’s just 10 minutes to sit by the window and write or draw.  Maybe it’s a walk.  Maybe it’s a bath, or yoga or 10 minutes on a tennis ball or foam roller (which by the way is like a mini massage and everyone should have one!)  Whatever it is, commit to give yourself that quality time for 10 minutes each day.

2) Do the water experiment.  Make yourself a little chart.  Take a selfie and write down how you feel at the start.  Drink at least six 8 oz glasses of water or herbal tea each day for 2 weeks.  Now reassess how you look and feel.  Loads of people who’ve tried the water experiment notice they look and feel happier and healthier!

3)  Replace something:  Sit and clear your mind for a few minutes and then ask yourself this question:  What is something I know I should give up that I am really ready to give up now?  And what is something good that I am ready to bring into my life right now?  Make a  plan to replace that old thing you didn’t need with the new thing you’re ready for.  If it’s a tangible thing, this can be immediate, but if it’s a habit, give yourself longer.  Be realistic and keep it simple.

Hope these help you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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