Resolving to Get in Shape Next Year? Read this first…

New years resolutions to “Get in Shape” are well and good, but they can be tough to keep when the bitter cold hits.  Looking for inspiration to hit your winter workouts?  Here are some out-of-the-box ideas for ya.  Got others?  Add them to our list, in the comments!

Get in shape while expanding your mind and calming your spirit
Two martial arts fighters practicing in nature

1). Don’t work out, play out! If the idea of exercising seems daunting, maybe playing is a better choice.  Join a local sports team, go ice skating, or try a game of tag or snow ball fight with your kids.  Yes, there’s always the initial hurdle of getting yourself up and at em, but the fun is well worth it – and just happens to burn calories!

2). Dancing. Asheville has so many great dance scenes, from blues to swing to salsa to tango… Hit a club or sign up for a dance series.

3). Start an awesome martial arts class!  Double the effectiveness of your workouts by building confidence, power, strength, coordination, grace, flexibility, and self protection skills as you get your sweat on.  Okay, that’s more than double!  Head here to learn about our new All Levels Martial Arts Classes.

Well, there you have it, three alternative ways to stay fit this winter!  Any other ideas? Help others out and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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