Finding Balance: “A Perfect Summer: Issue #1”

The Nature Adventures Summer Camp is a foundation of our school – we actually began solely as an outdoor adventure program.  That’s because martial arts is a way of life – of relating to the people around you, taking care of yourself, of respecting nature and enjoying it to the fullest!

Kids in our nature adventures camp get to enjoy the best of summer through a well-planned schedule that balances exciting play with hands-on education and plenty of leisure time all summer long.

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Here’s a sneak peak at our daily schedule to give you an idea of what your kids will be up to during any given week of Nature Adventures Summer Camp:

9:00 AM – Circle up with camp songs, group movement activities and a centering meditation – all in the sanctuary of the beautiful mountain land at Warren Wilson College.

9:30 AM – We’re off on Adventures in Nature!  Kids join their adventure group and embark on themed activities that are both educational and super fun!  For example, in Flying Lessons Week the kids might imagine they are working on a flying machine – they’ll study birds to learn their secrets and uncover the powers of the wind, and the importance of team work, as they band together to craft their invention!

“It’s like being in a video game, but you’re outside and moving!”

11:30 AM – Siesta time!  Time to just chill, eat lunch and connect with the awesome friends in our camp.  We will often head down to the lazy river during this time for an afternoon filled with splashing and relaxing!

1:30 PM – Special Workshops.  The highlights most kids share in their reflections at the end of the day are these special workshops!  We are so lucky to have talented folks from many super-fun disciplines join us throughout the summer to share their knowledge and teach us how what they do relates to what we’ve been doing at camp!

For example, in Farmer Ron’s flying lessons workshop, we get to imagine we are seeds scattered by the wind and help food to spread naturally.  We learn about pollination and the winged animals (which some of us may have been scared of before) that help this amazing process.  Then we all get to share a delicious, fresh and local treat!

Other workshop topics include soccer, wild foods, nature crafts, parcour and yoga.

2:30 PM – It’s time for closing circle, filled with songs, reflections on the day and hints about the exciting adventures in store tomorrow.

3:00 PM – Our day is done and kids may be heading home or joining us for after care.

Summer camp is just one of those things we look forward to every year.  If this sounds like something your child would love, please learn more and sign up here!