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Total Ninja Membership

Total Ninja Kids get the best of both worlds! Complete access to our leadership, wellness, and enrichment SuperQuest Program AND our world class Ninja Kids Club martial arts program. The membership includes access to all weekly live classes and is packed with super fun, on-demand videos each week. Anytime you need, you’ve got new, engaging, positive screen time at your fingertips.

Every time your child is eligible to advance, they will attend a live, virtual conference with your martial arts instructor and then participate in our live, virtual belt ceremony before we ship your new belt to you!

After your trial, you are eligible to wear our real Ninja Training uniform and Ninja Kids Club T-Shirt! Older Kids will also be ready to receive their training tools package complete with the 5 ninja training weapons. Depending on how many classes you’ve attended, you may also be ready for your white belt ceremony!

The white belt ceremony, uniform, t-shirt, and training tools are all included in a one-time enrollment fee.
($100 for younger kids and $200 for older kids). This WILL NOT automatically draft, but will be sent to you in a separate invoice. You can still join classes without enrolling, but you will not be able to advance and will not receive your enrollment package.

Please note, advancements to new belts typically cost $40 each but are WAIVED for Total Ninja Members.

During the trial, let us know if you want to upgrade or cancel. Otherwise, your account will be drafted as a Ninja Training membership again. Refunds are only available within the first business day (M-F) after a draft, so be sure to let us know ahead of time if you want to make a change. FIRST 2 WEEKS FREE. CANCEL ANYTIME.

    • Product Price: 14 day free trial, $157.50/month
  • Total Price: