It’s All About Family!

Have you ever just had a feeling that wonderful things were about to happen?  That feeling is busting out everywhere at Kasumi Mountain right now.  Sensei Sean and Sensei Nesta are headed to Japan to take about 25 classes with teachers there including our grand master and several other wonderful Shihan at the home dojo for the Bujinkan!  When we come back, we’re hitting the ground running with some wonderful new classes and that kind of inspiration that only comes from training with masters of their craft.  We can’t wait to get started sharing everything with you!  Read on to see what’s coming up before and after our trip!

Smiling TeensTHIS Saturday:  FREE Intro Class for our new Shadow Skills Program.  It’s a martial arts based leadership program for ages 12-16.  Sensei Nesta was so excited she made a video to tell you all about it.  Check it out here.

Fall Registration:  Sign up for fall classes is happening now!  Don’t miss out on a space in the Ninja Kids Club or our new family classes for ages 8 and up.  Register Here.  New Students are welcome to a free class, one-on-one orientation with our head instructor and a two week trial period for $25 before getting started with regular membership.  Sign Up for your Free Class now.

This fall, we are starting family classes!  Students age 8 and up and parents can join our base class on Wednesdays from 6-7.  This is a WONDERFUL way to connect with your child!  The family that trains together stays together 🙂  Sign up to try a free class during our first week, August 26th!

Domo Arigato to you all!  See you in the dojo.