The Other Side of Fitness

dip and pita chipsBeing a martial artist, it’s easy to stay active.  Martial arts today has come to be mostly about movement.  Traditionally, however, martial arts encompassed a way of life that included all aspects of well-being, including nutrition.  So, while martial artists may be active, if the nutrition component is not in check, we’re missing out on a crucial component to our fitness and health.  (Members, be sure to check out the Living Well section of our site)

Where to start in the world of nutrition?  As with every other major change, we are proponents of small, consistent adjustments that eventually add up to a large shift.  One place to start is with lunch.  This is usually a time when most of us are out, either working or going to school.  It’s so easy just to grab a quick bite of something loaded with empty calories.  Getting in the habit of taking 5 minutes the night before to pack something filling and delicious can make a huge difference in our overall nutrition.  Plus, packing lunch from home can save you a ton of $ each year.  Head here to learn how to get the healthy lunch habit started.

Another great place to start is the pantry.  Change your grocery shopping plan and you can change your life.  Steps:

  1. Designate days and times to go grocery shopping.  We go twice/week.
  2. Set aside a half hour before those times to plan out the meals AND snacks that you’re shopping for.  Make sure you’re realistic and have planned enough healthy snacks.  Remember, the higher quality food you eat, the less you need to worry about portion control.  Write out the shopping list.
  3. Go shopping after you’ve had a good meal and you’re not hungry.  I even take healthy snacks to the grocery store.  Stick to your grocery list.

Hope these ideas help you with your nutrition goals.  Have fun!