Cloud Dojo’s Total Ninja Program is our complete offering.  It includes:

  • Total access to our comprehensive virtual Ninja Training martial arts program by committed and inspiring martial arts teachers who guide you every step of the way.  Kids gain serious movement skills while having a blast through our imaginative and playful courses.
  • Total access to the complete Vibrant Ninja enrichment program.  This super fun curriculum brings the way of the ninja to life.  Kids progress through a series of “Superpowers,” aka valuable life, leadership and safety skills.  Through it all, they build the confidence to ensure success in everything they take on.
The Total Ninja Program Offers the Total Package



  • We bring learning to life for kids through the Super Power Program.
  • Kids progress through a series of activities to hone their “Superpowers” aka valuable life, leadership and safety skills.
  • Through it all, they build the confidence to ensure success in everything they take on.
  • Weekly Animated Movement Adventures
  • Weekly Live Martial Arts Classes
  • Comprehensive Martial Arts Video Course to Progress You, Step-by-Step, Through Each Belt
  • Virtual Belt Ceremonies (Belts shipped to you)
  • Complete Support Material for All Activities
  • Monthly Live Conference to Track Progress
  • Online Support for Training Questions
  • Online Support to Guide You Through Each Belt Activity
  • Interact with Your Teachers and Classmates in Our Exclusive Online Groups
  • Weekly Animated Movement Adventure
  • Weekly Leadership Lesson
  • Leadership Story
  • Weekly Leadership Activity
    • An interactive activity that helps kids engage with our week’s story and draw the lesson out of it.
    • Topics Include:
      • Making Friends
      • De-Escalation Skills
      • Setting Boundaries
      • How to Spot Unsafe Situations and Get Help
      • Advocating for Yourself and Others
      • And many, many more!
  • Weekly Play-Along Games and Activities
  • Weekly Guided Meditation 
  • Nature Lessons And Science Activities
    Based On The Leadership Theme
  • Innovative Follow-Along Art Projects That Tie All The Week’s Learning Together
    • Did you complete part of your belt activity?  Take a pic or video and share with your ninja friends!
    • Make up your own move sequence from one of Sensei Parker’s new challenge videos?  Show a video to the group!
    • Master the bo staff back spin from one of Sensei Sean’s new weapons videos?  Inspire your training partners with a video!
    • Have an art project to show off from following along with one of Ms. Hannah or Ms. Brit’s new videos?  Post a pic on the page!
    • Your ninja friends and teachers will comment encouragement, admiration, and questions – and of course share their own versions back with you!


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Every new student gets a Ninja Kids Club T-Shirt!
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You will be mailed your uniform and training gear upon enrollment and your belts as you advance.


What martial art is this, and how high up in rank can my child progress through virtual membership?

Kids can do SO much through our complete, online program.  That’s because we approach learning from multiple angles: through animated adventures, weekly live classes, monthly live conference with your teacher, all in addition to the complete, step-by-step follow-along video program to guide your child every step of the way.  There are years worth of training materials in our program. 

As kids get older and more advanced, they will be required to attend a certain level of in-person training, through one of our affiliate programs, in order to progress.  Kids will be at least age 7 and a Red Belt in our Ninja Kids Program before requiring in-person training.

While there are many components to our complete program, the martial arts skills we teach are from 9 different schools of the Ninja and Samurai of ancient Japan.  These arts were brought together by our grandmaster, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.  The founders of our program have been training in this art for decades.

Who are my child’s teachers?

Your child will train with the same dedicated and highly qualified teachers that our in-person students know and love!  You can get to know them here.