Cloud Dojo’s Vibrant Ninja Program guides kids ages 4-10 to grow into strong, confident, active, healthy and safe people!  Our Bitty Bu classes are for Pre K – Grade K and BudoKids classes are for Grades 1 – 5.  Through games, adventures, stories and follow-along activities, kids move through a comprehensive leadership and safety curriculum.  Steeped in the research of children’s conflict resolution as well as the principles of living with honor that are integral to our martial arts program, this curriculum draws out the core life lessons that are essential to our program.

While the Vibrant Kids and Ninja Training programs are designed to integrate seamlessly through the Total Ninja Program, each one stands on its own as well.



  • Superpower Program:  We bring learning to life for kids through the Super Power Program.  Kids progress through a series of activities to hone their “Superpowers” aka valuable life, leadership and safety skills.  Through it all, they build the confidence to ensure success in everything they take on.
  • Weekly Animated Movement Adventure
  • Leadership Story
  • Weekly Leadership Lesson
  • Weekly Leadership Activity
    • An interactive activity that helps kids engage with our week’s story and draw the lesson out of it.
    • Topics Include:
      • Making Friends
      • De-Escalation Skills
      • Setting Boundaries
      • How to Spot Unsafe Situations and Get Help
      • Advocating for Yourself and Others
      • And many, many more!
  • Weekly Play-Along Games and Activities
  • Weekly Guided Meditation 
  • Weekly Wellness Activity
  • Nature Lessons And Science Activities
    Based On The Leadership Theme
  • Innovative Follow-Along Art Projects That Tie All The Week’s Learning Together


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