Kids build confidence and community through Asheville’s most innovative kids dance class! There will be a fun warm up and great stretching sequence to frame the class. Within the class, your student will work through a comprehensive dance curriculum that draws on modern dance and some ballet basics as well. Kids will also have time to create their own choreography and build their skills in improvisation.

This is the class for kids who want to dance, but don’t need to be burdened with a focus on looking a certain way or competing against others. Your dancer may wear any dance clothing and soft soled dance shoes they would like.  Bare feet are fine too!   

We highly recommend this class for:
  • Kids who love to or are interested in dance and want a class without competition or a focus on looks.
  • Kids who would benefit from a welcoming group activity with great music.
  • ANY of our martial arts students, because the work we do in dance class – to build coordination, memorization skills and confidence, as well as strengthening and stretching our bodies – will really benefit your martial arts training!

When getting started with, you can actually
try a free class in any and all of our movement programs!


Kate Davis has spent the majority of her adult life weaving together motherhood, art,  community-building, and compassionate communication skills. She holds an MA in Dance from Florida State University, has studied psychology and movement therapy, and has six years of nonviolent communication (NVC) training and lived experience. She has choreographed for her own small modern dance company, whose work was shown in Raleigh, Durham, Atlanta, and NYC, and she works locally as a lifestyle portrait photographer.

In the summer months, Kate serves as a trainer and host for Family HEART Camp – an NVC-based family camp in WV, and acts as movement facilitator and co-director for SPEAK – a camp empowering teenage girls through the arts and NVC in Vienna, VA. She is passionate about empowering young people through connection, respect, and artistic expression and exploration. She lives in the Olivette Community in Asheville with her partner, Alex, and their three kids.