Time to Act

Budo Mountain Family Martial Arts Official Statement:

  • We have to speak up about the recent acts of racial violence in our nation.  We are a culture that tends toward inaction, but as martial artists, we commit to counteract this inertia and recognize when and how to move.  Our art in particular would not exist without embracing the diversity of the 9 schools.  We are an art of compassion and therefore we encourage our students to take peaceful actions now in support of a peaceful world.  We all must stand up in our own ways to build a more just world for all – all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all religions – ALL. 
  • This week, we invite the adults in our school to consider what peaceful moves make sense for you to take in your life.  Maybe it means attending marches, joining an educational organization or event – and inviting friends to join, or researching thoughtful ways to teach your children about these issues as they grow.  Whatever your thoughts, please be sure to share them with your fellow dojo members.  We can all use ideas and encouragement these days.
  • Our theme for the week is “Including All”.  Our focus in kids classes will be on our role as martial artists to take safe, peaceful actions when we see someone being left out or made fun of.  We consider diversity and tolerance education an important part of our job and will be addressing these issues directly in our games and mat chats this week.

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