A one of a kind after school program that teaches leadership, safety and character education in a supportive environment that empowers kids and builds community!

Budo Mountain’s After School Pick Up Leadership Program is exactly what we want our own kids to be doing every afternoon.  You can choose to drop your child off or we will pick them up.  We have a top notch team of talented after school teachers and martial arts and movement instructors.  Please learn more about them here.

Connect with FRIENDS in a holistic environment

We begin each day circling up together, sharing about our day, and spending quality time learning more about each other.  Our after school teachers are experts at helping children create strong bonds.  Over the course of the year, your children will come to really understand and appreciate their friends in this tight-knit group.

Learn important lessons about respect and character
through our award-winning martial arts and LEADERSHIP program

Every aspect of our program – from the martial arts, yoga and Ninja Flips classes, to the Nature Discovery days and art projects – works together to progress kids through the Budo Mountain leadership and safety curriculum.  Each week, these various parts of the program coordinate to weave the same lesson into their unique classes.

Attend AWESOME AND EMPOWERING movement classes!

We offer an award winning Martial Arts program as well as super fun Yoga and “Ninja Flips” Gymnastics Classes!  Please see the schedule, linked below, to see what is offered each day.

Play outside and discoveR nature

We meet twice weekly at some of Asheville’s awesome parks in town, like the Botanical Gardens and the Bird Sanctuary at Beaver Lake.  Included in our outdoor time is a Nature Discovery lesson that also weaves in the Leadership Lesson of the week.

Getting messy and exploring innovative art projects

The art projects tie in with each week’s Leadership Lesson.  For example, if our lesson is on “Being True to Yourself,” the kids may make self portraits out of clay, and find artistic ways to capture the unique aspects that make each of them an awesome and irreplaceable part of this world.

GeT THAT homework DONE
with the help of experienced and caring staff

It’s really important to us that kids come home from our program with time to connect with their families, rather than still having a bunch of homework to do.  Depending on how often your child is in our program, our well-educated staff will strive to be sure they get through school work before heading home.

SharE Healthy Snacks with Friends

We provide a healthy snack and sit down in a circle every day for kids to share it together.  It’s a wonderful time for kids to connect with each other, sharing about their days and getting to know one another.

  • After School is open for K-5th Grade only
  • We pick up from the following schools:
    • Asheville City Magnet Schools
    • Woodfin Elementary
    • Francine Delaney
    • Emanuel Lutheran
  • Available to Homeschoolers or those from other schools at 10% OFF.  You will need to bring your child to meet us each day after 3:15 pm.
  • We also offer care on days when schools are out, in addition to our after school care.

Registration for the 2020 – 2021 School Year is Now Open!

To Apply for a Scholarship, Please Head Here.

Our options start at $220/month.  Please fill out the form below with your information and we will contact you very soon to help you choose the best option for your family!

After School Program Interest Form
Please fill out the form below to receive more info on our Ninja Kids Club After School program! We will get back to you soon with next steps.
The applicant is the child who will be applying to be in the program.
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Please note, for fall 2020, martial arts classes will be offered Tuesday - Thursday for Grades 1 - 5. Martial arts for grade K will be offered Wed and Thursday. We also offer other movement classes like dance on Mondays, yoga on Wednesdays, and gymnastics on Fridays. The schedule for these other movement classes is subject to change slightly in fall 2020, depending on instructor availability.
The monthly option requires the August payment in advance to save your child's spot. After that, you will be drafted the same amount on the first of every month, September - May. We offer the semester payment option for your convenience. We will not be able to refund these for any reason.