>Inspiration to be a Leader

>Be Solid in Yourself

>Overcome Fears & Challenges
>Set Goals and Take Steps to Meet Them

>Mental Focus

>Inner Discipline
>The Ability to Make Good, Safe Decisions.


>Spatial Awareness
>Dexterity & Motor Skills

Our martial arts class is fun and playful, while teaching solid martial movement skills, safety principles and life values.  Our curriculum works through imaginative sequences based on themes from nature.  It introduces young kids to the skills to help them build character, confidence, control and coordination.  It’s also great exercise and a positive energy outlet!

In addition to regular classes, we offer classes two weekend classes each month that help kids learn the character building qualities of the martial arts from different angles.  Click on one of the classes below to learn more:

Club House Saturdays

Community Service Events

Our Black Belt Track offers a unique leadership program called Speak Up and Move, where kids become leaders in the dojo and learn valuable life lessons that help them achieve more in school, contribute more at home, and enhance their life beyond the dojo.  Students on the Black Belt Track have special access to our Ambassador Trainings, which are workshops that happen each season and guides kids through a fun, interactive leadership and safety curriculum, plus important practice in how take on prominent roles in their classes at the dojo, like “New Student Buddy”, and the “Warm Up Leader”.

Black Belt Track members also join our demo team, an awesome group of fast friends who work together to create award winning shows for our community at large.

The Black Belt Track is open to anyone with a kind heart and the enthusiasm to put in the work to learn along with the rest of their crew.  For busy parents, your kids can be on the Black Belt Track too through our Speak Up and Move After School!  After School offer daily pick up from local schools, and we also have scholarships to After School for those in need.

Finally, we have a whole online program for Ninja Kids Club Black Belt Track members.  We upload new Special Missions weekly to help kids connect with the theme of the week.  Members also have access to videos for reviewing the curriculum plus totally kid-oriented workout and wellness videos!  We’ve got a few great videos open to the public.  Check them out here!

Students may come to just one or up to four classes weekly.
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