Critically ThinkingThe first Saturday of each month is Club House Saturday!  It starts off with our “meeting”, where we delve into our monthly theme and one of our 5 core values.  We explore how the values relate to our real lives, and see how they are different from what we see in the media.  We also work to build kids basic understanding of  the fascinating history of our martial art.

We start out with innovative games that relate to our theme, then show age-appropriate movie clips or read a story relating to the theme, and let kids get into heart-felt, yet structured discussion.  Club House Meetings are open to anyone.  They are $8 for the public, free for current members.  If you are planning to come, please RSVP so we can plan enough snack and instructors.  Sign up for the next one on our Calendar.

Ninja Pow WowAfter the Club House Meeting, we have a snack break in the lobby.  Then everyone, parents included, is invited back into the dojo for our Whole Child Achievement Ceremonies.  While we do not test, we do have all advancing students go through a presentation similar to a test before our community presents them with their new stripe or belt color!