Service to the community is an important part of doing “Martial Artists with Heart”.  Once each month, our dojo hosts a big, fun, family-friendly community service event – open to the public!
These are great ways to build our connection to each other and our community at large while instilling the core of the lessons we teach in our classes.
Whether at the dojo making dog treats for shelter pets or out in the world at a community garden, we strive to create opportunities for our you to put values into practice!

Join an Event!

Would you like to join us this month?  These events are open to the public!

Have you been wanting to get your family involved in regular service projects with an awesome community?  Our family was in the same boat but had trouble finding regular service projects where we could really involve all of our kids – from the oldest to the youngest.  So, we decided to host them!  We invite you and your family to join us for our service project this month.

These events:

  • Teach positive values to kids and teens about the importance of taking action to better our world!
  • Provide a fun family activity that uplifts everyone’s spirits.
  • Are filled with awesome folks who care about animals, the environment and helping out fellow folks in need!
  • Are totally free and open to the public

Calendar Coming Soon