Our PEACEFUL WARRIOR yoga classes are so much fun!

Kids build strength and flexibility while learning powerful tools to keep their cool through life’s ups and downs.  Every yoga class ties in with the Leadership Curriculum that we weave into our program.  No matter which classes your child attends, you can rest assured they are working on the same leadership and safety skills, from a unique angle with each teacher!

We highly recommend this class for:
  • Kids who have an active life and need to master methods for calming down, chilling out, and getting grounded.
  • Kids who tend to be shy and would benefit from a welcoming group activity without competition.
  • ANY of our martial arts students, because centering, stretching, and building strength – inside and out – is a huge part of what we do!
WEDNESDAY, September 4th, 4:00 pm.  SIGN UP HERE.

When getting started with classes, you can actually try a free yoga, parkour AND martial arts class.  That’s 3 Free Classes!


Meera is an accomplished Yoga teacher from Chicago with 17 years of teaching experience. She cherishes her Indian heritage and enjoys sharing the countless benefits of practicing Yoga with her students.