We are currently accepting nominations for our scholarship review board!   If you are interested, or know someone who would be, please apply for yourself or nominate someone you admire.   Application Deadline is March 1st!  Details Below…

Need more info about the Ninja Kids Club After School before deciding?  See our video here!

We’re so excited for the new Scholarship Program, and it’s also a big, new endeavor for us!  To pull this off, we need a strong group of people who really want to do the outreach to diverse communities and bring in applicants that would be so stoked about our program but don’t have the means currently.  Anyone experienced in creating diverse and impactful non-profits or scholarship programs for kids is most welcome to come forward!

This is a volunteer position that requires a couple of hours each month, February – May.  Perks include: Free adults martial arts membership this year, 20% Off martial arts memberships for your family members, and the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team making a big impact for kids in our community.

If you’re ready to nominate yourself or someone else, just fill our the contact form here with a brief overview of the past experiences with kids, scholarships, non-profits, etc. of yourself or the person you’re nominating.  It’s that simple!

This position involves outreach and also helping to make the final decision about applications.  We estimate about a 2 hour time commitment each month, for four months, February – May.  Board members will:

  1. Help get the word out about the scholarship program in the community.  We’re looking for a diverse set of members who are already connected to kids in our community who could use financial assistance and would benefit from the Ninja Kids Club After School Program.


Alternatively, you can help us spread the word to raise money for the scholarship program by reaching out to local organizations and helping with a fundraising campaign at the school.

2.  Reviewing scholarship applications, conducting finalist interviews, and helping to choose the scholarship recipients for the 2019-2020 school year.

If you are passionate about helping more kids succeed through our awesome leadership after school program, please contact us here and tell us a bit about your background and  why you’d be a good fit for the board.

To Apply for a Scholarship for Your Child, Please Head Here.