A Glimpse into the After School Program

Hey folks!  We thought it would be fun to post our bi-weekly After School Program’s newsletter so you can see what we’ve been up to lately.  Registration for Fall 2019 is open so if this sounds awesome, your child can be a part of it!  Register For After School Here.


As many of you know we have been blessed to welcome Jessica to our community! The kids have been really opening up to her and we are so grateful she is here. We have spent a lot of time doing team building exercises together, art, playing games and homework. I’ve even noticed kids helping each other with their homework!


For the past two weeks we had a leadership lesson on Perserverance! Through storytelling and activities we have discussed the importance of perserverance in life. We encouraged them to not give up on certain  situations until they have given it all they’ve got. We also discussed when healthy times were to give up and be true to themselves.


In the past two weeks we have continued to make snow flakes.  To go along with our leadership stories and the martial arts adventures, we also made mini books about dinosaurs, paintings of the rainforest and painted “self portraits” that will be displayed on our art wall.


Kids have continued to play the piano in the classroom. Sometimes one will play the piano and others will dance to it!

A couple of the kids at the park played drums on the water cooler. They really loved taking turns playing drumbeats. If any parents have drums to donate to the class for park days that would be amazing!


In our science and nature lessons we have been learning about the importance of rainforests for our climate! We have learned about different medicines that come from the rainforest. The importance of it for our atmosphere and the threats of more deforestation. They learned about palm oil and how it contributes to deforestation and about different foods that have palm oil in them.

We’ve also been learning about herbivore dinosaurs from the Jurassic Period. The kids impressed us with how much they already knew about dinosaurs!

Martial Arts

To learn all about what the values and character building lessons we’ve been learning in the dojo, as well as what techniques we’re working on in our martial arts classes, please head here to read our latest posts.

What’s Ahead:

We are going to be building paper bird houses next week in art class! And we hope to find some drums to continue drumming and singing at the park!

Suggested Parent-Child Connection Activity

Teach your kid a song to teach to the class!

Thank you for being a part of the Ninja Kids Club!  As always, please feel free to reach out by replying to this email with feedback or specific questions.  And of course, check out the pictures below from the past couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading.  See you in the dojo!