It’s Official! Our new name is…

Budo Mountain!

First things first, be sure to head to our Facebook page to find this announcement.  Like and share it for a chance to win your own hoodie jacket with the new logo!

Why are we so excited about this little shift in our name?  It’s a symbolic change that means big things for us.  Budo is the word that ties together everything we do.  The name literally translates to “the way of the brave, kind person”, or put differently, “the art of the peacemaker”.  Those of you who know our program know how strongly we resonate with these ideas.

With the start of our new adult program, we needed a word that would bring every aspect of our offerings together.  From our youngest to our oldest, what is the one thing we are all committed to?  Budo.

And the mountains are our home, they are where we come from and the place that holds us and gives us strength.  So, Budo Mountain means everything we are: Our foundation and our commitment, where we come from and the path we are living.  We hope you like the new name as much as we do!

Our new website,, will be live soon!