Sensei Diego Helps You Soar!

Do you want to be the kid that can flip backwards out of a wrist lock?  Or perhaps you just want to figure out how to cartwheel!  Either way, we’ve got you covered.  Sensei Diego brings a fun, fresh and safe class that meets every student at their level.

Students learn parkour, which is like gymnastics with a kick!  It’s also easier on your body because it’s not part of a competition with rules about how to land, etc.  We’re not learning these moves to fit into a box, we’re learning for fun!  Classes available for kids, teens and adults.



We highly recommend this class for:
  • Anyone who loves having fun and learning cool stuff in a supportive environment.
  • Our martial arts students who are ready to add some awesome flare to their moves.  Every Ninja Flips class theme correlates to the Leadership Lesson and also the martial arts skills we’re working on in class each week.
  • Those who’ve tried gymnastics but found the style too rigid.
Ninja Flips Classes are Fridays at 4:45 pm For Ages 6-14

When getting started with classes, you can actually try a free yoga, Ninja Flips AND martial arts class.  That’s 3 Free Classes!


Diego Balcells is a certified parkour instructor who practices Budo Taijutsu and has trained various other martial arts and yoga disciplines since childhood. As a parkour coach, he teaches gymnastic-like movements that will strengthen one’s power and awareness while expanding the horizons of each student’s current abilities  He’s also excited to help martial artists integrate the practices of parkour with the escape tactics they are already learning.  Diego is experienced in working with adults and adolescents, from toddlers to teens and is also experienced with special-needs students.   We’re so happy to have him bring his positivity and insight to our dojo!