Shadow Skills  (Approx. Ages 11-14, Grades 6-8)

Shadow Skills is our program designed and taught just for Tweens and Teens ages 11 – 14.   In a small group setting, students progress through a solid martial arts curriculum.  This includes awareness, safety, and self protection skills appropriate for their emerging independence.  The curriculum also weaves in values education that is practical and relevant to this age group, prepping them to take on their life’s work with confidence and compassion.

Students set goals for their martial arts skills and their lives at milestones throughout their training.  At each milestone, they check in with one of our two instructors in a 20 minute one-on-one conference just for them.  It’s a time to go over moves they’d like to work on and look at what specific skills and values they’re working to improve, both on and off the mats.

In addition, we send out a weekly Home Practice Video geared just for this program.  It gives them a jump-start on the theme for the week and offers activities to get into their training at home.

Students wishing to take their practice to the next level and come more than once each week are encouraged to join our BudoKids classes as well.  Students over age 10 will gradually work up to taking on leadership and event teaching roles in the BudoKids classes as they get older.