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Most Weeks Filled by May Last Year, So Please Do Not Delay

c4a16fbd-d1f3-4dc4-921e-3233a7c3f15cOur 4 weeks of summer fun are designed to work well together, each with a theme that ties into the overall lessons of the camp.  Camp is open to rising K-5th graders.

00d08636-4be3-49ce-acb6-ac01568a7341Kids spend the day playing outside and moving with our top-notch instructors at some of the most beautiful land in this country.  If your child enjoys outdoor time and likes to be active, this is the right camp!

Camp starts at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm with option to add on a martial arts class and aftercare until 5:30 pm.  Students can drop off as early as 8:30 (please email us ahead of time to let us know.)


  • $229/Week ($15 OFF/week Before February 1st.  $10 OFF/week Before March 31st.)
  • The second week and beyond for the same child will be $5 off/week.
  • The second child and beyond in each family will receive $20 off/week (regardless of how many weeks they come).
  • Multiple week and sibling discounts can’t be combined, but the early bird specials are in addition to other discounts.
  • Each camper will also get a new Nature Adventures Camp T-Shirt each year!


Flying Lessons: June 10th – 15h!

Jump on the wind and get a new perspective.  Kids this week are going on an adventure through the Earth and all the way to outer space.  We’re going to discover what’s inside our planet, what surrounds it, and what lies beyond our atmosphere.  We’ll also learn why the Ninja were rumored to have magic flying powers, and get to know about the birds of our own region.  Through games and adventures, we gain better awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

Team Work: June 24th – 28th!

This is a week of adventure that teaches us the true meaning of community.  Campers discover how martial arts and nature are all about teamwork!  We’re learning basic nature awareness, navigation and safety skills and even building shelters together!  Join us to solve problems as a team and celebrate diversity in our own group and in the wild.

Water Wonders: July 22-26!

Jump inside a water molecule for the ride of your life.  Kids develop a real sense of how precious water is on this planet, how to work together to conserve it, how to be safe drinking it in the wilderness, and even learning about the water cycles on our planet!  Through it all, we learn this element’s important lessons of physical and mental flexibility and grace.

Inner Spark: July 29-August 2!

This week begins with inspiration from the sun!  Explore how energy moves through each part of our world and discover that brave spark that lives inside of you too.  Kids will also learn age-appropriate fire safety, the components needed to build a successful campfire, and how to put it out properly.  Next, we explore the power of water – it can put out fires, erode earth and is essential for life!  Inspired by these two elements, each kid will design their own superhero and share it at the final presentation!

Special Workshops during camp vary each week and include: Wild Foods, Local Food and Farming, Building Shelters, Yoga, Qi Gong and Nature Arts and Crafts.


We offer daily shuttle service in our safe Minivan or Minibus from our dojo on Merrimon Ave., just North of downtown, to the camp at Warren Wilson College.

Morning Shuttle Service Details and Sign Up Here.


If you are interested in after care at our martial arts studio on Merrimon Ave, you must sign up early!  These spots go like hotcakes!  We bring kids back to town from Warren Wilson, in our safe Minivan or Minibus for an awesome afternoon of fun and downtime!

AFTERCARE DETAILS and sign up here.

Extend your adventure till 6:00 pm with our wonderful summertime martial arts classes and after care.  Summer classes have a relaxed and playful environment.  When not in class, campers will spend time winding down with art projects, stories, and free time in our calming and fully stocked after school.  Still, we bet they will come home ready for dinner and bed!



Below is the Reservation/Waitlist Form.  As space is available, our staff will reserve your child’s spot and send a confirmation with payment options within 2 business days.  You will have one week to submit down payment to keep the spot.  Final payment is due by June 1st for all camps.  If you have any questions before registering, please don’t hesitate to call us at (828) 280-0624 or email us here.  You may also want to see our FAQ page.  If you are ready to sign up, please fill out the following form to reserve your space in camp.  To reserve a sibling, please refresh this page after you submit the registration form for the first child.

Please DOUBLE CHECK your dates to be sure you are requesting what you meant to request.
We will send you an invoice within 48 hours for the amount you choose. The amount you pay does not affect how the refund policy applies to you, so feel free to choose whatever option works best for you now.

After registering for main camp, be sure to register for AFTERCARE Here.

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