Finding that Inner Spark

Welcome to the first week of May!  Spring is flying by, and we have been having a blast with everything from Spring Break Camp to Teen Leadership Courses, Fitness Self Defense Classes, and so much more.

I wanted to share about what we’ve been up to lately.  First though – Nature Adventures Summer Camps are filling up!  We usually get full in May each year, so please do not delay in signing up your kiddos for this wonderful camp that weaves together important nature education with martial arts and movement skills plus the values, safety and leadership lessons that are the hallmark of our program.  We have just four, wonderful weeks!  Sign Up Here.

Because the element in nature we’ve been exploring is Fire, we have been working on building our “inner spark”.  The kids are working on their Bravery Superpower, relating their own life experience to a story we are telling about some very brave kids who discover a magical belt that helps them be brave and powerful!  In their adventures, they have just found the final piece of their Move Power Gem!

Remember, the adventure always begins with our interactive Special Mission movement adventure videos!  Hands down, the best use of your child’s screen time!  We always put out two versions – one for older kids with extra practice at the end, and one for kids to do before they go to sleep, that includes a stretch out and wind down period.  I’ve added the Wind Down version below, but feel free to head to our YouTube channel and check out the other version, and some of our past adventures!

Ninja Kids Club members, remember, your adventure always comes out the weekend before classes start, in your Online Member’s Only Section Here.

Our specific focus for all classes this week is inspired by the quote by Warren Buffet, who explains that, while successful people are good at saying no, “really successful people say no to almost everything.”  This was a really inspiring quote for your teens last week as we finished up our Teen Leadership and Safety Skills course on handling peer pressure!  More on that in next week’s blog.

Thanks for reading everyone!

See you in the dojo,


~Sensei Nesta