Great Week Ahead at Cloud Dojo!

Hello Budo Mountain,

It was a really great weekend at the ceremony. I really enjoyed seeing everyone  working on their martial arts from home. I am really excited for the week to come. We have a lot of new awesome videos coming your way. 

Here are your techniques of the week. Head to your rank page and get in some practice on what you need to know about these techniques!

Techniques of the Week: April Week Five


Rolls \ Break Falls All Directions

Technique 1

Ka No Kata/ Ura Shuto

Technique 2

Boshi Ken

Technique 3

Sui No Kata

Technique 4

Strike Combinations w / different fists

Technique 5

Muto Dori No Kata (w/forward angles)

Adults and Teens:

  • Go back over knife strikes and look at katas with knife in hand.
  • Progress through techniques from Tori and Uke sides

See you in the Dojo!

~ Sensei Sean