How to Fit It All In

As I shared in last week’s blog, spring is the time of year where I tend to catch myself doing too much without even realizing it!  If that’s sometimes your story, I invite you to try a tip I’ve used over the past few weeks to settle things down in my life!

But first, I want to give a huge thank you to our amazing community of Summer Camp families!  You all really believe in our innovative mission to bring nature education to life for kids, through interactive adventures steeped in the values and skills of martial arts training.  Each year, we get such a wonderful mix of campers who truly love coming to camp each day.  We have only a few spots remaining in each week.  Please head here if you’d like to join the crew.

Now, here is my top tip for chilling out this spring!

Remind yourself about what matters most

Have you ever had that ironic experience where you’re rushing around, trying to do all the things your kids said they wanted to do, and realized that the stress it’s causing you is actually making your kids miserable?  Yeah, I’ve been there.

I tend to do the same thing with home projects, self improvement, and my career.  I can get excited for all the fun, and forget that being overwhelmed is no fun at all!

What I do to remedy this situation is to take some time to journal on the things in my life that matter most.  In the case with my kids, for example, I sit back and reflect on what their true needs are, and separate this from all the things they think they want.  Maybe they want to go to every birthday party and play date, maybe they would love every festival and special event, but there is no way for them to foresee how stressful it would be to actually fit all that in.  It’s my job to look ahead and plan into our lives only the things that will allow us to maintain a joyful and relaxing life pace.  Sure, it will bring some disappointment, but it will bring long term peace and I really think most of us could use more of that these days!

I would love to hear from you – what are your tips for stepping back and chilling your schedule down when life gets hectic?


This week, we’re still exploring the value of awareness.  Kids get to develop their Awareness Superpower through an awesome movement adventure that also teaches them about the animals of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.  I love these adventures we’re doing because it helps kids understand, in an approachable and empowering way, how climate change is affecting our planet and how important awareness of the natural world is!   We always start these adventures off with a Special Mission video that kids can watch if they would like to have an intro adventure before the in-person class!  Members, you can always check the Special Mission video out early, through the member’s section of our site.

But the mission is also available to the public every week on YouTube!  Check it out here:



Thanks for reading everyone!

See you in the dojo,


~Sensei Nesta


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