The Value of Curiosity

Welcome to the fourth week of May!  I can’t believe summer camps are nearly full, after school sign ups are happening for next fall, and we’re already planning out our winter schedule!   Where does time go?  I’m hoping to solve this and other mysteries as we dive into this week’s theme: Curiosity.

It’s our final week exploring the element of wind this month.  If the wind were a person, we can imagine, it would be a thoughtful, curious sort of individual. It’s such an important trait that helps us see part of our lives where we may feel stuck and gain a new perspective.  As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.”   That valuable gift of awareness is what we’ve worked to develop this month.  

In kids class, we’re been building our “Awareness Superpower” through helping others in the imaginary adventures that we use to teach kids martial arts.  This week’s adventure location is the oceans around Antarctica, known as the Southern Ocean.   Remember, the adventure always begins with our interactive Special Mission movement adventure videos!  Hands down, the best use of your child’s screen time!  We always put out two versions – one for older kids with extra practice at the end, and one for kids to do before they go to sleep, that includes a stretch out and wind down period.  I’ve added the Extra Practice version below, but feel free to head to our YouTube channel and check out the other version, and some of our past adventures!

Ninja Kids Club members, remember, your adventure always comes out the weekend before classes start, in your Online Member’s Only Section Here.

Now it’s your turn…what’s something in your life that could use that value of curiosity?

Thanks for reading everyone!

See you in the dojo,


~Sensei Nesta

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