Void Week 4 blog!

Hi Ninja Crew! Let’s finish Void Month off strong!  Below, you will find the techniques we will be working on.  Be sure to login to your member’s site, head to the “Practice to Progress” section, find your rank, and then see what you need to specifically focus on for these techniques based on your rank.

Make sure to check out Sensei Sean’s weekly video message here!

See you in the Cloud Dojo!

Techniques of the Week: November Void Week 4
Ukemi All Ways Rolls and Breakfalls
Technique 1 Ganseki Nage/Proper Ukemi in Kihon Koshi Sanpo
Technique 2 Arm Grab Escapes/Muso Dori
Technique 3 Katana Kamae/Kyusho, Kikaku Ken, Tai Ken, Shizen Ken, Ki Ken