Weekly Update May 1st, 2020

Hi everyone, what a great month we’ve had on Cloud Dojo. Here are some cool highlights!

  • Everything has a name!
  • Our leadership and wellness virtual program with live classes and awesome on-demand wellness videos and art and science projects is now called the Super Quest!
  • Our virtual martial arts school is the Ninja Kids Club, just as it is in person!
  • And the combination is Total Ninja!

If you’re in the Ninja Kids Club, you can try adding in the Super Quest for FREE this Sunday – Wednesday. Be sure to sign up for the Super Quest Class on Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Contact us to sign up!

Now it’s time to login to your rank page and practice the techniques of the week at your level! See the list of techniques we’re working on this week, in the chart below. Then head to your membership level and go to “Practice to Progress” to find your rank page and get to practicing! https://budomountain.com/members/learn/

Techniques of the Week: May 1st, 2020


Forward Ukemi

Technique 1

Strikes From Jumonji / Kosei 

Technique 2

Ka No Kata

Technique 3

Wrist Escape

Adults and Teens: Front Angles, Jumonji No Kata

Thanks for reading! See you in the dojo,

~ Sensei Sean