Welcome to a New Week!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to a new week in the Cloud Dojo!  Here are some important announcements:

  • SuperQuest Live Classes are FREE all Month!  Everyone interested must reserve their spot as space is limited.  Sign up here.
  • Send us your video clips to thank front line workers!  We’re all in this together and every bit of encouragement helps.  Check out our totally silly example here.

Now it’s time to login to your rank page and practice the techniques of the week at your level! See the list of techniques we’re working on next week, in the chart below. Then head to your membership level and go to “Practice to Progress” to find your rank page and get to practicing! https://budomountain.com/members/learn/

Techniques of the Week: May 10th

Back Rolls / Break Falls

Technique 1
Blocks and strikes(Hicho, Ichimonji)(Sokugyaku Ken, Shishin Ken)

Technique 2

Hicho No Kata

Technique 3

Muto Dori No Kata(First roll and evasion combined with second roll and evasion)

Adults and Teens:

Ichimonji No Kata (w/ Fundo)

Oni Kudaki (w/ Fundo)

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog!

See you in the dojo!

~Sensei Korie