When It’s Okay to Just Indulge and Dream

Quick announcement before getting started with this week’s blog:  We are hosting a Superhero themed Spring Break Camp at the dojo April 15th – 19th!  We begin each day at the dojo and then head to nearby parks and gardens for some outdoor adventures!  Learn more and snag a space for your child here.

This month, I just have to take a minute to celebrate.  Life ain’t always easy.  Some days, I literally just want to curl up with a gallon of ice cream and binge watch reality TV.  But I hope I’m a living testament to the fact that if you keep plodding, keep moving, breathing, problem solving, facing your fears, letting yourself just fall apart in that tub of ice cream on occasion, that you can come through to some really beautiful triumphs.

Winter has always been a tough season for me.  But this year, I didn’t fight the call of the darkness as I have in the past.  I took January as a time for dreaming, planning – and of course, a bit of ice cream eating by Reality TV light.  It felt pretty indulgent.  But by the end of the  first month of the year, I was putting those dreams out into the world.  One of them was our Speak Up & Move Bootcamp for Women.  Within weeks, the course was sold out with a waiting list.  Now, that is what we like to call the sweet spot.  In our art, the “sweet spot” refers to the part of the sword blade that does the best cutting.  The term has come to encompass the concept of getting into that place where you are really in your power and everything flows.

Sweeter than that tub of ice cream is the feeling that people are interested in what you have to offer – that you are able to make an actual, valued difference in the lives of others.  That’s how I feel right now.  Grateful, humbled, and just in the mood to celebrate!  And I know I wouldn’t be at this point now if I’d not given myself time to just rest and be with my dreams.  As Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

So, I am finding myself grateful for my least favorite season.  If I didn’t indulge in the humdrum feelings, the dark, introverted time of winter, I wouldn’t be able to indulge in this celebration either.   While I’m certainly glad we’re getting out of the depths of winter, I am appreciating what those darker times can teach us.  And while I’m totally saving up for a tropical vacation to get me through next winter…maybe I’ll stick around for a bit more of the dreary winter days than I was planning!

Whether you’re learning martial arts, dance, parkour, yoga, or embarking on a new fitness journey, letting ourselves step back and imagine where we want to be before jumping in is vital.

Thanks for reading everyone!

See you in the dojo,

~Sensei Nesta