This Place is Incredible

This place is incredible! I found it through an amazing women’s self defense class that was offered to the community–by donation, and in collaboration with two other dojos. I was very impressed with the focus on intuition and self-awareness, and knew immediately that I wanted my child to be a part of the community as well. I’m so glad I made that decision! The focus on self-awareness and service are fantastic. The sense of community. The comprehensive approach to training, which includes a plethora of videos and activities to do at home and extend the learning beyond the dojo. I can’t say enough good things about Sean, Korie, and the whole Budo Mountain team! – Diana Alexajandra, School Teacher: Dojo Member and Dojo Parent

Fantastic Dojo!

Budo Mountain is a fantastic dojo. A great place to learn how to make martial arts a part of your life. Sean and Korie not only know what they’re doing when it comes to fighting, but also when it comes to helping people, both children and adults, grow and learn more about their own bodies. Highly recommended! – Autumn Robinson, Co-Owner of RMA Karate, Private Dojo Student

Personal Attention

The Ninja Kids program is awesome! My son has been part of it for about a year and half now and has enjoyed every moment of the experience. It challenges him in the best of ways, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Sensei Sean and Sensei Korie are an incredible team and work so well with the children. I like the smaller class setting and I feel that my son is receiving an ample amount of personal attention. It has been a joy to watch him blossom in this martial arts practice, and I look forward to staying with this dojo for a long time to come! – Kelly Heinerth, Ninja Kids Club and Summer Camp Parent

Grateful for Budo Mountain!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I put extra thought into thinking about the things I am most grateful for…Budo Mountain was right there near the center. I have been encouraging River towards work with Martial Arts since he was maybe 4, but this year he was finally ready. He met with Sensei Sean and tried a free Ninja Kids class, and then a two week trial, and it was decided. He decided. He loves it. Loves the physical activity and fun. I love his focus and his expanded ability to be aware of his own body – how it connects with others and the world. The Dojo is both welcoming and challenging to him. Sensei Sean is the personification of loving kindness and his joy while teaching is huge. Korie is both gentle and powerful. Together they are an amazing team. Thomas, [their office coordinator], is awesome too, holding the space and ever ready respond to whatever the need is, and there is always something. I am very grateful for all the good things being a part of Budo Mountain has brought into River’s world… and my own. -Shae Morales, Ninja Kids Club Parent

Highly Recommended

I have known Sean Kennedy for 7 years now and have been to several seminars he has conducted as well as currently receiving private lessons from him. He possesses the skills necessary to instruct others in the Bujinkan and I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn the art to contact him for either regular classes or private lessons. – Greg Jenkins, Contractor: Dojo Student

Training for Challenge!

Sensei Sean is a fantastic teacher capable of approaching difficult concepts from different angles. He takes a centuries-old martial art and breaks it down into exercises that teach valuable skills on multiple levels. Like other martial arts, you’ll learn self defense, but also the mental and physical discipline of dealing with threatening situations, practicing how to meet adversity of any kind with calmness and focus. The workout builds strength, resolve, and endurance, while providing a supportive and friendly atmosphere. The exercises are appropriately balanced to challenge you but not overly so. The results speak for themselves: within two months of twice-weekly workouts, my friends and family noticed a difference. He teaches the historical weaponry of feudal Japan, and applies similar concepts to modern weaponry and situations, keeping in touch with the traditional aspects of the ancient martial art while linking it to today’s world. But most importantly, classes are accessible and fun! – Jonathan Salter, Software Programmer: Dojo Student

Excellent Fitness Program

A good class for all levels, ages and stages! … It also helped me feel more grounded and energized. Korie is the friend we all want – easy to be around, friendly and fun, while also being direct and business-like when needed. Her fitness and experience being a mom helps to shape her as an even more inspiring role model. She presents the class in a non-threatening or intimidating way so everyone can feel included and at ease. – Sara Stender, Non-Profit Business Owner: Dojo Fitness Student, Summer Camp Parent

The Real Deal

Sean’s a brother and a warrior, attentive to detail and laid back in the right places, he knows what a fight is and also understands the deeper and insightful side of martial arts. Find out! – Spencer Bolejack, Owner of Land of the Sky Martial Arts

Best Workout Class

Hands down, best work workout class I’ve been to! The [workouts]┬áhave the perfect amount of intensity, awesome music selection, and clear instruction. Sean is great at keeping everyone focused and on track. These classes have really helped me build back muscle after losing much of it to a bout of anemia last year. Thank you Budo Mountain!! – Clarice Coppolino, Marekting Designer: Dojo Student