Women’s Class

In many cultures, it’s a given that every person would learn the basics of protecting their own body from harm.  Women, being people, would naturally grow up having great instincts and skills for self-protection.  If you didn’t spend your childhood being trained in basic self defense skills by all your badass female relatives, we’re here to fill in the gap.  We encourage you to join any and all of the following courses offered by awesome women martial artist and male allies around town.  We promise, you could come to a few of these and not get bored.  In fact, you might just come away with a great group of empowered ladies who have your back, a fitness gig that packs a punch (literally), and the tools to move through whatever obstacles dare to land in your path.  There’s something for everyone in this town.  Grab a friend, try it out, and get ready for the next level in claiming your power.

Special Notes:  Most of these courses have sliding scale options.  All of these courses are open to all women who live as female, regardless of what their birth certificates say.

Women’s Self Protection Offerings in Asheville

Comprehensive Women’s Self Protection and Empowerment Courses

Developed by a team of Asheville’s top martial arts instructors, these courses are all about connection.  First, we connect with ourselves to assess where we are right now with the tools that will keep us safe, healthy and in the driver’s seat of our lives.  Next, we connect with our teachers and training partners as we move through a program to sharpen these tools and up our game from all angles.  Along the way, we have the option to apply and try out these new skills in various scenarios against a (thoroughly padded) assailant.  Throughout this empowering experience, we deepen our connection with the ladies around us and with the support networks in place in our community, so we can not only tap into them, but strengthen them too!

This is the kind of course you can come back to again and again, learning and seeing new things each time.  Start out with our one day option, jump into a 4 or 6 week course, or seize every opportunity to come train with us.

Aug 13th, 10-1  (Sign Up Here)

August 27th, 10-1 (Sign Up Here)

4  Week Series
Starts Tues, Sept 6th, 6-7:30 pm
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6  Week Series 
Starts Tues, Sept 6th, 6-7:30 pm
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Common Sense Self-Defense and Women’s Empowerment

Steve Ledford is one of the most experienced self defense instructors in Asheville.  He collaborates with the Kasumi Team on our women’s program and also offers his own Common Sense Defense (CSD) course, which has been created with a goal of providing a quick but effective foundation in self defense.  Learn more here.

No Nonsense Self Protection for Those Who Identify as Women with Chary Aurelia

Charly is the real deal yall.  We highly recommend his no-nonsense, straight forward approach to martial arts that takes you seriously and teaches you some seriously important tools for self protection.  Next Class: Wednesday, June 29th 6-8 pm. Learn more here.

A Welcoming, 1.5 Hour Intro to Self Defense for Women with Blue Ridge Tae Kwon Do

Created by a rad duo of martial artists with backgrounds in Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Grappling, this sampler of self defense techniques is approachable, easy to learn and fun!  Open to ages 12 and up.   Check out their next classes here.