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Nothing in the Way!:  We’re providing CHILDCARE BY DONATION for kids ages 2 and up.  Please contact us here by 3 days before the event to let us know the age of your child and reserve their space.   Call 828-280-0624 to get details of what activities the kids will be doing.

Your Choice: Our women’s classes are offered on a sliding scale.

What is your ultimate vision of total empowerment?

Budo Mountain has created approachable, welcoming self defense and fitness courses appropriate for any woman age 15 and up, of any size, shape and experience level.  We also offer sliding scale pricing, from a $1 donation through the level of Sponsorship sponsors.


MoveNesta and baby taking down Sean with Power

Move with Ease

Move with Confidence

Move to Your Next Level!

The purpose of these courses is to help you build a toolbox for fitness, self-protection and inner confidence, while deepening your connection with the resources and support networks around you.  Whatever your goals, our instructors are committed to facilitate the transformation to your next level.

Are you selective about what you commit your time to?
Our Women’s Empowerment, Fitness and Self Defense Classes are worth it.  
We host workshops at our dojo through the year.  We also are available on a limited basis to teach at workshops and retreats, either hosting at our studio or joining you at your location.  Learn More about Custom Courses Here.


Nesta Kennedy

Parker Goldsborough

Community Resources for Women

History of our Women’s Program