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meIt’s time, Asheville.  Our goal is that you will find here the amazing experience of an empowering martial arts course – one that totally meets you where you are and takes you where you’re ready to go.   Listed below are different women’s self defense courses offered by different instructors around Asheville.  We encourage you to join any and all of them.

There are so many reasons to take a class like this – meeting other women who are also moving on this important choice for themselves, adding a new dimension to your physical fitness, and simply honing the tools to move through whatever obstacles come in your path.  There’s something for everyone in this town.  Grab a friend, try out one or more of the classes below, and get ready for the next level in claiming your power.

Join the Kunoichi Game!

kunoichi_1Kunoichi is the name for the powerful female Ninja of ancient Japan.  Just for fun, for every hour of training you attend, you receive 10 Kunoichi points.  Bring a friend to training for an extra 10 points!  Local businesses will be donating prizes at 50, 100 and 150 points! To get started, just sign up for a course below.  When you go to any of the courses below, you will get your Kunoichi Stamps.  You can redeem them for prizes at our dojo on Merrimon Ave.

Women’s Self Protection Offerings in Asheville

Below are some awesome self defense courses in Asheville.  Feel free to sign up for any or all of them!  Attendance at any of the events below earns Kunoichi Stamps.

Comprehensive Women’s Self Protection and Empowerment Courses at Budo Mountain Family Martial Arts

Developed by a team of Asheville’s expert martial arts instructors with backgrounds in Japanese Budo Taijutsu, Chinese Kenpo Karate and Krav Maga, this is the kind of course you can come back to again and again, learning and seeing new things each time.  Start out with our one day option, jump into a 4 or 6 week course, or seize every opportunity to come train with us.

Click Here to Learn More about the instructors and course material

Common Sense Self-Defense and Women’s Empowerment at Asheville Integrated Combatives

Steve Ledford is one of the most experienced self defense instructors in Asheville.  He collaborates with the Kasumi Team on our women’s program and also offers his own Common Sense Defense (CSD) course, which has been created with a goal of providing a quick but effective foundation in self defense.  Learn more here.

No Nonsense Self Protection for Those Who Identify as Women with Chary Aurelia

Charly is the real deal yall.  We highly recommend his no-nonsense, straight forward approach to martial arts that takes you seriously and teaches you some seriously important tools for self protection.  Learn more here.

A Welcoming, 1.5 Hour Intro to Self Defense for Women with Blue Ridge Tae Kwon Do

Created by a rad duo of martial artists with backgrounds in Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Grappling, this sampler of self defense techniques is approachable, easy to learn and fun!  Open to ages 12 and up.   Check out their next classes here.


Do you offer a women’s self defense course in Asheville?  Please email us with your full bio, course description and pricing to be considered for a listing on this page.  LISTING IS FREE, but you must offer courses that are financially accessible for all and available to all those who identify as women.