Self defense training is about many things.  We have to learn techniques and proper movement to keep ourselves safe, yes.  But we also need to learn how to flip the switch between the calm, centered peaceful version of ourselves and the full-force attacker who fight back with a power the opponent never imagined possible.  The following resources are here to help you increase your abilities for each of these aspects (as well as moving easily between them).  We also have listed resources for healing from past experiences that could be holding back your full potential.  There are also nuts and bolts resources to increase your knowledge on specific self defense situations as well as the law in protecting your rights.

You’ll notice that these resources come from various schools and organizations.  This is important because the movement to normalize and encourage safety and empowerment for all is a group effort!


Self Defense and Empowerment Training

There are several workshops and class series offered around town throughout the year.  You may also find a great community by joining a martial arts school and training regularly.

Check out workshops and series coming up at Our School and at Other Schools in the area


Training Focused on Cultivating Inner Calm

  • Yoga
  • Qi gong
  • Dance
  • Meditation (We spend some time meditating in our martial arts classes.  We also recommend trying the Insight Timer app or a retreat as Great Tree Zen Temple)

Recovery Assistance

Unfortunately, domestic and sexual assaults are common in our culture.  If you or someone you know has ever been affected by assault, here are two amazing community resources that help lots of different people with different experiences.  It doesn’t matter how recently or far away the violation happened, these folks have the resources you need to reclaim your inner sense of peace and security:

For sexual abuse or attempted abuse:

Our Voice

(828) 255-7576 (open 24/7)

For domestic abuse, including coercion or manipulation by your intimate partner:


(828) 254-0516 (open 24/7)

Not sure if your experience qualifies as abuse?  Check out their website to learn more.


Nuts and Bolts

What are my rights in a self defense situation?

How common are the various kinds of attacks?  (Be prepared for some intense feelings.  This stuff is important to know, but can be difficult to fathom.)

Domestic Violence

Sexual Violence


Scenario Specific Resources

Active Shooter Training (Be prepared for the event of an active shooter in a crowded location)