new 2007-beach-motti 227Sarah Kosub, aka “Lady Budo,” our loved teacher and unwavering warrior passed from this world in December 2008, after a year with cancer. She felt that this beautiful art helped her to acquire personal power and self awareness.   We know her gentle and powerful soul still shines over all who practice here.

Here is some nice footage of Sarah training with Shihan Kennedy around 2007.

She was a truly inspirational martial artist who moved from the heart and was thus able to see the heart of things quickly.  By the time she got sick, she had attained yondan, 4th degree black belt.  Though she never made it to Japan to see our Grandmaster or take her godan test, she had an understanding of this art at the end of her life that is too profound to describe.  In 2014, she was given an honorary 10th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Hatsumi.

Her last weeks gave us some of the best training in the Bujinkan because we really understood the idea of moving without force to have ultimate control.  This is one of the pillars of Budo Taijutsu, something we all know but that is so hard to grasp.  Sarah captured this essence and we were all blessed to watch her move with efforless power.   At thenew 2007-beach-motti 214 end of the long battle, LadyBudo passed with peaceful power and grace.

We dedicated then to fulfill the dream of a fully functioning dojo, which Sarah had helped begin just before her diagnosis in late 2007.  Our Speak Up & Move Women’s Empowerment programs would not be here without her inspiration.

In addition to our regular women’s bootcamps and self defense seminars, each year, we hold a LadyBudo Seminar in her honor, each with a different theme she would have loved.